Scholarships2021 Scholarship Recipients

Meet the 2021 recipients of the HAUS Scholarships and the Teachers Continuing Education Course

Heidelberg Alumni U.S. has the pleasure of awarding scholarships to U.S. students each summer. The HAUS Scholarship supports study for U.S. bachelor's and master's students who will spend at least a semester at Heidelberg University. The HAUS Summer School Scholarship covers attendance at the International Summer School for German Language and Culture at Heidelberg University, where students can take German language courses at all levels.

In addition to the HAUS Scholarships, we are pleased to partner with the Germanistic Society of America and the American Association for Teachers of German to provide stipends for the Internationaler Lehrerfortbildungskurs. This course, which is offered during the International Summer School for German Language and Culture at Heidelberg University, offers a unique opportunity for instructors of German who are non-native speakers of German.

The HAUS Scholarships are only possible due to the continued generosity of the HAUS community. Please consider supporting the HAUS Scholarship Fund and give the gift of study at Heidelberg University to the next generation.

Applications for the 2022 HAUS Scholarships are open now!

HAUS Scholarship


Cristina Azuara

M.S. Biomedical Engineering

"I applied to Heidelberg University because it has a strong, diverse community with
some of the best minds in the world all while also using cutting edge research."
Alexandra Johnson head shot
Alexandra Johnson

M.A. Health and Society in South Asia

“Having already spent a year living and studying in Heidelberg during my junior year, I can say with absolute certainty that it is an environment that I thrive in. I fell in love with the town, the people, and the university culture.”
Silvia Rodriguez-Garcilazo

M.A. American Studies

“Heidelberg University is helping me accomplish my goals, and I would like the opportunity to both represent and give back to an institution that has already provided me so much.”

HAUS Summer School Scholarship


Headshot of Yudai Chiba
Yudai Chiba

M.Div. Divinity, Duke University

“I plan to go on to do doctoral work in the Old Testament, and the ability to read German scholarship in its original language is essential in this field. The contemporary German contribution to the field is still significant.”
Max Pearson Headshot
Max Pearson

B.S. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Nebraska Wesleyan University

“Germany’s role as an international research and industry powerhouse, especially in chemistry, makes it a prime candidate for me to learn about science in different languages and how to advance technological cooperation between nations.”
Julian Rodriguez Cardenas head shot
Julian Rodriguez Cardenas

B.S. Symbolic Systems, Stanford University

“The extensive list of great German philosophers is no coincidence, because German is a beautiful tool for thinking. One day I hope to read their works, and the works of other German writers, in the original German.”


headshot of Margaret Jae Cody 2021 Scholarship Recipient
Margaret Jae Cody

German Teacher, Apple Valley High School, Apple Valley, Minnesota

“My cohort included about 30 German teachers and future German teachers from around the world. There were students from many countries, including Sri Lanka, China, Italy, India, Spain, Russia, and Poland, which made German a true Lingua Franca in the group. There were many opportunities to work with colleagues and learn from them and their different teaching and learning contexts, which was my favorite part of the experience.”
Mariah Ligas, scholarship recipient. Young woman with red, black and gold lei and facepaint.
Mariah Ligas

German Teacher, Antietam Middle-Senior High School, Mt. Penn, Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed my Zusatzmodul on “Entdeckendes Lernen” and my Basismodul on “DAF-Vorbereitung” the most. The instructors were always prepared, professional, and interesting, and the resources they shared or had us use were extremely helpful to my job as a high school German teacher in the USA. I appreciated the variety of ways that we worked with our classmates, for example in sharing our online resources, or creating quick but detailed presentations on how to use a tool that not everyone was familiar with. Sessions were interactive and very practical, putting tools and ideas in our hands every day."
Headshot Kevin Quinn GSA AATG 2021

Kevin K. Quinn

German Teacher, Mexico High School, Mexico New York; SUNY Oswego, Oswego, New York

"I cannot express my gratitude enough for having had this opportunity to learn and collaborate with other German teachers throughout the entire world. I am still in contact with some of them, whom I met during the Ferienkurs, and we continue to connect and exchange ideas. This would not have been possible without this experience. Thank you very much to those who funded this program. Your contributions made this possible, and I and the other participants of this program are truly grateful."
Headshot of Katie Weisser, GSA AATG 2021
Katie Weisser

German Teacher, Central Dauphin East High School, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

“The spirit of global cooperation and friendship and being brought together by our common love of all things German was so enriching and fulfilling. At a time when we have faced such isolation and struggles in teaching and learning through this pandemic, it was as if there was a beautiful blossom of new life and fresh air. In all, it made me look forward to teaching this year in ways I had not anticipated.”